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Based on a comprehensive analysis of our innovative products and services, we provide high efficiency, reliability and optimal environmental performance of energy equipment, helping to maximize the benefits of your investments.


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Buvoca B.V.

Is an independent global trader of physical commodities – primarily crude oil, oil products, natural gas and electricity – linking supply and demand in key markets such as in the Former Soviet Union (FSU), the Southern Mediterranean, the Black Sea as well as in the South East Asia and Europe. We retain our edge by continually improving logistics, service and performance. Being privately owned and having a lean corporate structure allows us to react quickly and decisively to arising opportunities in ever-changing global markets and swiftly provide tailor-made solutions for our partners.
Buvoca Group

AwesomEnergy B.V.

Has developed a completely new class of batteries where electrolyte and electrodes are composed of composition of fluorides and ion conductivity is based on flour ions. Our proprietary technology has initially been designed to be used in hazardous high temperature and high pressure/high vibration environments.

Awesom Energy B.V. has successfully developed and marketed fluoride class of rechargeable batteries for high temperature and high pressure environments that can be found for example in oil and gas or geothermal industry. Now we are focusing to deliver the third generation of batteries with increased energy density and increased power. Our solid state batteries can easily withstand high temperatures and other hazardous environmental conditions because all materials used in a cell are solid. Solid state, as the name implies, uses a solid material to enable transport of ions in a battery.

Ecotechcenter LLC

Official Rosneft partner for the application of Rexonics technology which can be applied to stimulate oil and gas condensate wells in all three recovery phases during the life cycle of a carbon reservoir. Increase oil production, reduce well downtime and production costs compared to traditional well stimulation methodologies. Rexonics, a 100% eco-friendly technology, can substitute environmentally harmful methods such as acid stimulation.

Dafora-Rus LLC

Official Rosnedra partner a leader within the Russian drilling market, Dafora-Rus performs onshore drilling services for oil, gas and geothermal water, well testing and workover, transport, rig-up/rig-down and maintenance for drilling equipment. Gaining from the vast experience in oil and gas exploitation, we are very proud of our performance in contracting most of the drilling works for the international companies operating in this sector in Russia.

Buvoca financial background

The company’s main office is located in The Netherlands with company with registration No. 59452579 – Utrechseweg 79, 1213, TM – Hilversum, Tel: +31 (35) 621 8282 Fax:+31 (35) 623 0268 . In addition to this, a representative office was opened in Moscow, Russia in early 2016 in order to better serve the CIS markets. The company also has a strong presence in Vienna, Austria, allowing for easy access to the trade finance markets.

We trade crude worldwide

We are well-experienced lifters as well as reliable suppliers with an excellent reputation in the market, who have always fully performed all our purchase and sales obligations.

Our Partners

Head Office

The Netherlands, Utrechseweg 79,
1213, TM – Hilversum
Phone: +31 (35) 621-8282

Moscow Office

101000, Moscow, Lubyansky
Proezd, d. 27/1, building 1
Tel: +7 495 664 41 34

Vienna Office

Weihburggasse 4/41,
1010 Vienna Austria
Tel: + 43 6766 183251